Market Veggies – March 7

We are dedicating the entire month of March to Juice! Delish!

Swing by each of our market locations to sample some of our fresh, local, organic veggies in liquid form, available by donation. This week is carrots!

  • Broccoli (California and Organic)
  • Cabbage (BC and Organic)
  • Carrots (California and Organic)
  • Rainbow chard (California and Organic)
  • Black Kale (California and Organic)
  • Apples Royal Gala (BC)
  • Avocados (Mexico)
  • Mangoes (Mexico)
  • Red Anjou Pears (Washington)
  • Red Onion (Washington)
  • Red Russian Garlic (BC)
  • Beets (BC)
  • Ginger (China)
  • Lemons (California)
  • Oranges (California)
  • Yukon Gold Potato (BC)
  • Red Garnet Yams (California)
We will be at Brant Villa from 10:30am to 12:30pm and Kensington Community Center from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Take a look at our mobile market locations for more info on how to find us.

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